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Axios Impact Investments was born out of shared passion for financial inclusion around the world. We believe that solutions to today’s most challenging issues already exist, that people deserve equal access to them, and that innovative financial models like ours can provide that access in a scalable manner.Our individual experiences have deeply inspired us to dedicate our lives and careers to work tirelessly in pursuit of global financial inclusion. We have designed our team to incorporate a diverse and complementary set of skills that makes us well-positioned to build credibility among investors and borrowers alike and powerfully execute our innovative model.

Meet The Team:

Aaron SebestaAaron Sebesta, CEO 

Aaron’s experience successfully building a consulting practice helping several of the top 75 US banks implement lending best practices and credit risk models demonstrates both his technical skills and business acumen. He has witnessed the revolutionary impact that access to capital can provide and, through his work was inspired to believe that there was a more equitable manner of providing credit, especially among those who do not fit the “typical” borrower profile.



Eric-b-wEric Byington, Senior VP, Business Development and Impact Investing

Eric has spent eight years in Africa working on development projects. He started a non-profit organization, Elias Fund, Inc., providing scholarships to students in Zimbabwe. He has directly raised over $500K for two start-up nonprofits, and was personally involved in recruiting board members and high net worth individuals. He has a wide reaching network including professional contacts, NGO leaders and impact investors. He believes that social enterprises have the needed solutions but the flow of capital has been largely inefficient.


Abigail SebestaAbigail Sebesta, Senior VP, Operations and Training

Abigail has experience in education and training and leads the financial training efforts for our partner organizations. In addition,  Abigail brings experience in designing and executing new systems and processes, and finding efficient ways for organizations to conduct business and scale, maximizing their available resources. She believes that effective and efficient systems and processes hold the key to unlocking the new financing model behind Axios’ innovative flow-through financing.


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