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Axios Impact Investments offers Point-of-Sale Financing solutions to companies selling income-producing agricultural technologies (e.g. drip irrigation, greenhouses, and water pumps) proven to significantly increase farmers’ income in the developing world.

What we do:

Our model is designed not to provide financing to organizations and social enterprises for working capital, but rather to provide them with the ability to offer financing to their customers for their products without having to become lending institutions themselves. The organization is able to offer the financing option at the point of sale rather than requiring customers to secure financing independently increasing the overall customer experience and dramatically improving sales.

The idea is similar to the way customers at Home Depot can finance a new appliance for their home. Home Depot itself does not provide the financing but a separate company (such as, GE Capital) provides Home Depot with the resources they need to be able to offer financing at the point of sale.

Our model differs from GE capital on one key aspect. Rather than financing Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers and other appliances, we finance only proven income-producing assets. In doing so, we can not only better ensure repayment of loans, but also ensure that customers see dramatic income and livelihood increases.